Journeyman Wilderness Solo

Teenagers: May 17th at 12pm - May 19th at 5pm (Parents arrive for closing activity 3-5pm)

Mentors: May 16th at 3pm - May 19th at 5pm.

Clear Life Direction.
Strong Social Connections.

All are critical for a young man on his journey towards adulthood.

The Journeyman Wilderness Solo provides all of this and more.

For the last dozen years, parents have said, after their son's participation in our Solo, he came home...

- more confident in him self.
- more open to communication regarding difficult personal issues.
- with less anxiety and resentment.
- more able to responsibly direct his life.
- able to focus and concentrate better in school.
- more capable of stepping into leadership roles.
- a new ability to identify his authentic sense of self.

The Journeymen Wilderness Solo helps a young man to better know himself, cultivate healthy relationships, and capably and maturely begin to step into his inner knowing of what it means to become a healthy and mature man.

The Need Is Greater Than Ever

In an age of disconnection and technological over-stimulation, where depression, social anxiety, academic struggle, and lack of belonging are rampant among boys, the obstacles to a teen boy’s healthy development are massive.

For parents, the challenges to guide their son skillfully can seem insurmountable

Many of our teenage boys initiate themselves in unhealthy ways, such as their first experiences with drugs, alcohol or sex, as well as excessive video-gaming, screen time, and social isolation.

The Challenge For A Parent Today

A parent's challenge is to lead their son into a life path of healthy self-esteem, meaningful social connection, and mature male mentorship.

Journeymen offers you assistance to guide your son into well-being.

Rites Of Passage

In today’s culture, intentional rites of passage for youth entering adulthood have mostly been lost or at least diminished in importance.

Intentional rites of passage have played an important role in many cultures for thousands of years, as experiences that challenge boys in a safe way, with the guidance of mature men, to consciously begin to identify and step into becoming the man they wish to be.

A primary function of any rite of passage is to allow children to consciously choose a new adult identity rooted in self-reliance, clear life direction, and the support of others.

How the Journeymen Solo Works

Our Wilderness Solo program is designed to support teenagers in leaving their daily environment, to identify and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Through the support of mature male mentors who model emotional self-responsibility, relational intelligence, and generative life purpose, Journeymen will help your son into adulthood.

Our adult mentors will help to facilitate this process and help your child gain the skills and understandings they will need to fulfill their potential as members of the community.

The isolation in a primitive setting removes participants from the routines and patterns of their lives so that they can “re-create” themselves. They are given the opportunity to let go of old patterns that might no longer serve them.

Our Unique Approach

Our weekend incorporates safe physical, mental, and emotional tests. These tests can help a boy discover inner resources that he may not have been previously aware of, thus helping him gain new self-respect and confidence.

In our weekend, the tests are challenging, but do not involve winning and losing, which we believe creates the potential for shame.

Each boy has the opportunity to test himself in ways that build self-esteem and facilitate growth.

The Value Of Confidentiality

The specific processes facilitated at the rite of passage event are not publicly disclosed, so that, younger members of the community do not receive the adult information before they are ready, as the rite is considered sacred and personal and should not be treated casually.

The ROP also relies on a degree of theater, surprise, and spontaneous response that would be lost if participants knew in advance what was going to happen. (We can share all information with the parents or guardians, asking that this information be kept in confidence).

Honoring The Adventure

Following our rite of passage adventure weekend, the boys and young men who participate are honored for their accomplishments with a welcoming home ceremony and potluck feast.

Contact Us Or Apply Below

Join us for our upcoming Spring Wilderness SOLO.

May 17 - 19, 2024 (May 16 - 19 for mentors)
at 6666 Double Island Rd, Green Mountain, NC 28740

We conduct 2 Rite of Passage Adventure Weekends per year—one in the spring and one in the fall.

To have a personalized conversation with our Executive Director Skylar Wilson to see if the SOLO is a fit for your son, contact us today at

Or Apply Below.

SOLO Youth Registration 2024 (#14)

Spring SOLO May 17 - 19 Youth Registration

Participant Arrival: Friday May 17th 12:00pm

Closing Ceremony: Sunday, May 19th, 1:00 - 3:00pm

Location: 6666 Double Island Rd, Green Mountain, NC 28740

Participant Information

Parent's Information

Confidential Medical Questionnaire

If you become ill or injured during ROPAW you authorize us to share this information with medical personnel. Otherwise, all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Consent Disclaimer

I consent that Journeymen may photograph and videotape parts of the upcoming weekend in order to promote future Journeymen events. By signing and returning this form I give my or my participants' consent to Journeymen (this is a voluntary request).

• I agree that participants may be interviewed, recorded and photographed by Journeymen or any person Journeymen mandates to that effect.

• I accept that Journeymen may or may not use participants name, image and likeness in any verbal presentation, conference, interview and written publication.

• I recognize that Journeymen shall have the exclusive rights to the materials indicated above, including copyrights and proprietary rights, and I assign to Journeymen any right in relation to the materials.

• Journeymen may not assign or transfer, in whole or in part, the rights granted by the present contract.

Release & Acknowledgement of Risks


Participation Fee: The $350 participant fee covers lodging and food Friday - Sunday as well as supplies and some administration fees. Our weekends are driven by many volunteer hours. We do not want finances to be a barrier for you and will work with you to make this weekend accessible. Additionally, we ask those who can to pay it forward to help cover the costs of folks who may otherwise not be able to afford the full tuition.

Note: You will be directed to pay via PayPal when you click "Register and Pay" below.

SOLO Staff Application 2024 (#15)

Spring SOLO April 18th - April 21st Staff Registration

Staff arrival: Thursday May 16th 3:00pm

Closing Ceremony: Sunday, May 19th, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00pm

Location: 6666 Double Island Rd, Green Mountain, NC, 28740

Personal Information

My Commitment

Confidential Medical Questionnaire

If you become ill or injured during ROPAW you authorize us to share this information with medical personnel. Otherwise, all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Staffing Fees

We do not want finances to be a barrier for you to attend the ROPAW. Please reach out if you cannot pay the staff fee and we will explore other options.  This fee simply goes towards covering our basic costs around food and space rental.

Release & Acknowledgement of Risks

Rites of passage
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