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As a mentor with Journeymen, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other men in your community who have committed themselves toward building a better future through mentorship. The core of your responsibility as a mentor is to support the young men in the Journeymen program through Listening to them, Accepting them for who and where they are, Modeling integrity for them and Blessing or Praising them for their strengths, efforts and growth.

As a mentor, the lion’s share of the effort for cultivating a deep, trusting relationship with a young man falls on you. Mentors should not expect to be “met in the middle” but will continually have to reach out and express interest, openness and support of these young men to build a friendship.

Journeymen’s mentors commit to upholding Journeymen’s core values—Accountability; Responsibility; Integrity; Resiliency; Self-Awareness; Authenticity; Compassion/Empathy—within a mentoring approach encapsulated in the acronym LAMB: Listen, Accept, Model and Bless. So, though we have guiding values and we seek to cultivate in ourselves and develop in the mentees, Journeymen mentors accomplish by establishing trust through listening and accepting the young men for who they are and where they are at. Likewise, we strive to challenge them to reach new levels in their integrity by reaching new levels in our own and modeling that for them. Finally, we embolden and encourage them by seeing and blessing them for their strengths, unique talents, efforts and personal growth.

Commitment is the most important and core aspects to a successful mentoring relationship. Simply by showing up in a non-judgmental way, over and over and over again, mentors demonstrate to young men that they are reliable, that they care, that this relationship is, indeed, important to them and that they can be trusted. Mentors in the community program commit to a minimum of 5 hours per month for the duration of a year. Mentors in the school program commit to one hour per week, for the duration of the school year. Mentors in the after-school Crafting Passages program commit to 2 hours each week for a ten-week session in the fall or spring semester.

As a mentor, you’ll have myriad opportunities and formats for engagement. Journeymen’s program is comprised of three primary components:


Journeymen’s program offers a group mentoring model, wherein we hold ongoing weekly group mentoring meetings called “In-Groups” each month. These groups are the core of Journeymen’s program. Attended by both mentors and mentees (or “Journeymen as we call them), in-Group meetings are structured opportunities to bond, have fun, share openly about our lives and explore what it means to be an empowered, conscious and conscientious man.

Participants learn about accountability, integrity, personal responsibility, honest communication, emotional literacy, and the importance of discovering and articulating a sense of personal mission in the world.

These are spaces in which J-Men are encouraged to talk about the events, emotions, and experiences of their lives. It is where they get to practice being fully alive and communicative among men and peers, and where mentors are challenged to model honesty, courage and authenticity.


Each month, Journeymen organized weekend outings, which we call “Out-Groups.” Out-Groups include outdoor recreation, sports days, service learning, skills-building workshops and field trips. The foundation of this program component is to provide opportunities to continue deepening the bonds of trust between J-Men and mentors, while exposing the J-men to new ways they can engage with their communities and to reintroduce the boys to the wonder of the outdoors, while reinforcing our regular team building initiatives.

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We are not formally structured to create one-on-one pairings between J-Men and mentors, primarily because we have developed our program around group mentoring, which provides an opportunity for the J-Men to learn from multiple men and integrate the best and most relevant parts that they can from each mentor.

All mentors have been subjected to state and national criminal background checks and an extensive in-take and assessment process.

Mentor Testimonials

I want to share the deep gratitude I hold in my heart for each and every man who showed up this past weekend. To be surrounded by men who; live in service, act from their heart, speak boldly with passion, hear me when I share my truth and support me in becoming the most authentic version of me possible, encourages me to share those gifts with all of my relations! Being with you men reminds me that I am capable of stepping into these places of strength. So thank you for YOU, exactly as you are… you remind me of my own beauty and glory.
— Larry

Being a Journeymen mentor has given me an opportunity to impact the lives of young men I would never meet in my ordinary life, and share with them the passions and gifts that I am uncovering on a daily basis in hopes that they will be inspired to share their own. It’s given me a chance to look at my own adolescence and ask how I wish that men had shown up for me at that time in my life.
— Michael

It was an honor and a privilege to work and play with you all this past weekend. It was one of the sweetest experiences of my life, and I am so happy to have met you all. I am still amazed and energized from the amount of courage, trust and vulnerability (in my judgment) I witnessed this weekend. Thank you all for sharing, and for the teachings I now embody. You all hold a very special place in my heart.
— Brenton

The weekend was awesome and powerful for me. Although I do not think I can exactly put into words how it has changed me, what I do know is that I walk in the world with a different perspective. Something in my soul was affected deeply. I know that soul work is often unspoken and with out words, and that this weekend was full of those experiences for the boys and for me. Getting to be a witness to it and participate in the numerous rituals has had an impact on that part of me that is eternal and that is connected in oneness with each and everyone of you and with all the sentient beings and even the rocks and plants on this planet. I know that may sound corny, but as I said, my perspective has been opened and widened. 

I feel more connected to my ancestors and want to experience that more. For me, I have little connection with my dad and grandfathers and don’t know any ancestors past that. So the consciousness that was raised in me to imagine the men on whose shoulders I now stand and whose shoulders my sons now stand as well, is inspiring and brings tears to my eyes as I think about my own mortality and what kind of world I am creating and will ultimately leave behind for the next generation.
— Todd

When I left the weekend I was full of awe, excitement, love, and in an altered state. I have been part of conscious initiatory experiences going on 18 years and I found this one to be one of the most potent, powerful, and loving. I stepped into my elder and the elder role in a new way and am thankful for the opportunity to figure out what this is for me and how to share it. On my journey through life I have been mostly void of teachers and mentors to guide me along the journey. That scenario I believe is both due to myself and our culture at large. I grew up not trusting men so I did not seek out the mentors for fear of being controlled and shaped the way they wanted me to be rather than guided, coaxed, and encouraged into finding my creative expression in the world. And I believe our culture let me down as well. Where were these men I needed? Once again I find myself out there piecing together the place of the elder and who I am as an elder. Where are the mentors? I find myself relating to these boys. 

I left the weekend inspired to continue stepping up to the journey, being there for these boys, moving further into the place of the elder and being present with what is. I am grateful to all of you men for showing up. I am moved by these boys. And I give thanks to the ancestors and all that is.
— Jeffrey

My experience of the weekend was as a caterpillar building a cocoon, then fighting it’s way out, emerging as a fresh and new being, fluttering weakly with new wings. As much for myself as for the boys. 

Firstly I was in awe at many, many points during the weekend of the power of the work that we/they did. Many times getting this by transposing myself at my teen age, and realizing the difference that could have been if I would have had this initiation and support. I am blessed to have found such a future altering place to do service. 

I so appreciate seeing the beauty of 18 teen boys stepping into their journey to man. Knowing that my showing up makes a difference.
— Dan

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